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The best promos slimming products

Exceptional offers of reliable products to lose pounds today.

Our opinion

An in-depth study of each product

No side effects

We choose slimming products that have no side effects that would negatively impact your health.

100% natural

We favour slimming products composed solely of natural products or plant extracts. 

Without weight regain

We select reliable products that allow you to lose weight over the long term.

Expert opinion

Experts in the field

Our opinions on slimming products are carried out by experts in this field and you can trust them to choose the best weight loss product for you.


To ensure reliability, we also offer consumer reviews so you can make your choice more easily, with real customer feedback.


Our experts

This is our team



Laura is a former obese woman. She spent many years being criticized for her weight. Afterwards, she decided to take many products to slim down. She gives you her feedback on each product.



Maxime knows well the world of slimming products, which he takes in parallel with weight training. Also a journalist, you can read his opinion like a novel.



After her pregnancy, Tatiana gained weight, which she decided to lose thanks to 100% natural products. You can find her opinion on diet-promo.


Examples of consumer opinions

"It's been 10 days since I started, and this morning on the scales - 2 kg... very encouraging, especially since I don't feel like snacking anymore... "



"Here it is, a small return after 12 days: I'm very happy because I've already lost 4 Kg, it's working really well!"



"This is the first time I've used a slimming supplement and I'm quite happy. I didn't lose a pound a day as promised by the manufacturer but I still achieved my goal. In total I lost 6 kg."


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You can lose several kilos, whether you are a man or a woman and no matter what your current weight is, take a look at each product to find the one that suits you best.