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Our opinion on Brulafine.

What are the new slimming products Brulafine and C-Konjac worth? Our opinion on this vegan and Made In France product.

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Easy to take

Available in capsule form, Brulafine is taken with C-Konjac for maximum effectiveness.

100% natural

Brulafine is 100% natural and vegan and is a blend of Green Tea, Guarana and kola nuts. 

3 active fat burners

Brulafine stimulates your metabolism and its fat-burning effect is overpowering.

Brulafine - Fat burner

Brulafine is a fat burner. Green tea rich in EGCG will increase the oxidation of fats. Then comes the effect of Guarana and Kola seeds, which will burn fat and accelerate slimming. 

C-Konjac - Natural HungerCutter

C-Konjac is taken as a supplement to Brulafine. The glucomannan included in Konjac blocks hunger and prevents you from snacking and eating too much. It is 100% vegetable, GMO free, preservative and gluten free. 

Slimming Coaching

You want to enjoy your diet to the end? Take the slimming coaching (1 month FREE) which offers recipes and personalized support. Trust the dietician and nutritionist specializing in diets.

2 capsules to be taken 30 minutes before a meal.

The capsules are small and very easy to take, just remember to take them every day.

Natural and effective appetite suppressant

The appetite suppressant works very well. I've stopped snacking between meals and I'm eating less.

Slimming coaching program

The coaching is complete. Coaching is not essential because I have done a lot of research on the internet, but it is very well done.

Our opinion on Brulafine

Losing weight is a matter of balance. You have to manage to provide enough energy nutrients while keeping the bare minimum. Surplus brings fat and weight gain.

Here C-Konjac is an appetite suppressant. It will prevent you from snacking or eating too much to keep the bare minimum. Brulafine will then burn the fat thanks to natural elements.

So we're getting to rapid and unconstrained weight loss.

For testing it, I'm really convinced by its effectivenessWhether you have gained weight during pregnancy, a health problem, or a bad period, you can easily get back on track with Brulafine.

I lost 10 pounds very quickly. (5 days) then the weight loss slowed down, approximately 1.5kg per week.

In short, I am conquered and I recommend Brulafine to all my relatives and to you!

Consumers' opinions

Here it is, little return after 12 days: I'm very happy because I've already lost 4 Kg. It works really well! The appetite suppressant is effective, I eat less and the burner seems to be working.



Hello, I've already lost 10 pounds and I'm not tired at all, only happy.



On my side, I did the one month treatment. I felt the appetite suppressant effect of the products which helped me to follow my diet without making too many deviations. I lost the kilos I had set for myself. I hope I won't gain it all back during the holidays 😉 !


Gwen Lepoutre

Frequently Asked Questions

? Are Brulafin pills effective?

Yes, Brulafine works very well for most consumers, remember to exercise and eat a balanced diet.

? What area of the body does Brulafine work on?

Brulafine is excellent for burning belly fat. Although you can't target a specific area of the body with a pill, Brulafine will lower your overall body fat level, be it legs, pelvis, belly...

? How do Brulafin pills work?

The pills brulafin and c-konjac decrease the amount of energy going into your body, and increase your body's basic energy expenditure to ensure that you burn more calories.

? How much does Brulafine cost?

A brulafine + C-Konjac pack normally costs €49.70. However, you are entitled to -20% through our link, in addition to the free shippingThis brings the price down to only €39.76 for concrete and fast results.



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