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Our opinion on PhenQ.

What is the PhenQ slimming product worth? Our opinion on this world-famous fat burner.

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Easy to take

Available in capsule form, Phenq is an easy-to-use, non-prescription slimming pill.

Effective ingredients

PhenQ is a blend of caffeine, a natural mineral, an amino acid and fibre, all of which are appetite suppressant and fat-burning.

Fat burner + HungerCutter

PhenQ stimulates your metabolism, reduces your appetite and its fat-burning effect is overpowering.


The mixture of Capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin will act directly on fat. Piperine will increase body temperature which will cause the elimination of fat. This is the principle of thermogenesis.


Caffeine is known to increase concentration and reduce fatigue, and has an appetite suppressant action to reduce your appetite and stop snacking.


amino acid present in red meat and green vegetables that transforms fat reserves into energy. Often present in slimming products, its action is very practical for weight loss.

2 capsules to be taken 30 minutes before a meal.

The capsules are small and very easy to take, just remember to take them every day.

Natural and effective appetite suppressant

The appetite suppressant works very well. I've stopped snacking between meals and I'm eating less.

Large bottle of 60 tablets

The bottles are very complete and offer 60 PhenQ capsules, which represents about 1 month of use, so you can see the results very quickly.

Our opinion on PhenQ

I tested PhenQ after the holiday season, it was a good resolution for me and I heard good things about this slimming product.

After a few days, I received my bottle containing about 60 capsules. At first I was quite assiduous, I took one tablet before the meal.

I got results pretty quickly, about... 5 kilos lost over the first week The appetite suppressant effect was very effective and I stopped taking my Nutella toast. The second week it was 3 kilos lost.

Over the third week, I forgot to take PhenQ two or three times, but since I had gotten into the meal rhythm, my appetite was already reduced.

In the end, I lost 40 pounds in the first month. I am already 3 months into use and have lost a lot of weight, I feel better in my body and I will start exercising in parallel with PhenQ.

I recommend that you too start a PhenQ cure!

Consumers' opinions

I'm full very quickly. No side effects except that it tastes bad but it only lasts half a second. It allows me to speed up my weight loss and for the moment I'm very satisfied with it.



It's been a little more than a month that I've been taking phenQ! At the beginning I didn't lose any weight, I must have lost 2 kilos the first 10 days... but after a month and a week my results are remarkable : elimination of 11 kilos!



I have 30 kg to lose and in these first two weeks I am already at 4 kg of lost weight. I recommend if you want to lose weight quickly. Very effective appetite suppressant effect.



Frequently Asked Questions

? Are PhenQ pills effective?

Yes, PhenQ works very well for most consumers, remember to exercise and eat a balanced diet.

? On which area of the body does PhenQ act?

PhenQ is excellent for burning belly fat. Although you can't target a specific area of the body with a pill, PhenQ will lower your overall body fat level, be it legs, pelvis, belly...

? How do PhenQ pills work?

PhenQ pills reduce the amount of fat and its appetite suppressant action helps to reduce your appetite, so you'll be in better shape with fewer pounds.

? How much does PhenQ cost?

A PhenQ bottle normally costs €75.95, however, you have the right to -10€. through our link, in addition to the free shippingThis brings the price down to only €65.95 for concrete and fast results. You can take the 3-bottle pack for only €43 each.



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